1063 Ravine Rd, Minden, ON K0M 2K0


Go Karts

Pole Position Kartways has Go-Karts that are fast enough to challenge mom and dad as well as children exceeding 54 inches in height (Kiddie Karts no longer available). You'll also enjoy the Two-Seater Karts so mom and dad can take the little ones for a ride. "Gentlemen, start your engines"!

$12 - 5 minutes
$17 - 10 minutes
$22 - 15 minutes
$27 - 20 minutes

Batting Cages

Challenge your baseball hitting skills at our batting cages. Choose between fastball pitching or softball pitching depending on your preference and level of skill. Even the little ones can enjoy these batting cages! Batter Up!

$3 one token (20 balls)
$5 for two tokens (40 balls)

Mini Golf

A Par 44 mini-golf course will put your putting skills to the test while you try to shoot a round of golf under par. Various unique hole designs will challenge your abilities while enhancing the enjoyment of your round of golf. Grab a putter and take your best put!


Chipping Area

Enjoy what was once a deserted gravel pit and is now a unique golf chipping area. Grab any iron and take your best shot! Fore!

$7 - small bucket

$10 - large bucket

Walking Trails

An excellent way to relax. Come and enjoy the various nature trails which wind through the trees and landscape of the Pole Position Kartways property. Start on one side of the property and come out at the other side. Don't forget to visit the pond, you might see the beaver or the muskrat!